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My name is Stacy Scott-Morrell BSN,RN. CEO, Owner, Founder of Healing and Caring Hands Healthcare, LLC. My love for people and wanting to be of some help is what led me to seek a career in Nursing and now pursue my own company catering to, caring for and aiding in the healing of all persons whom my services may best fit or be of need to. Here at HACH Healthcare the focus is Patient-Centered Care that helps to improve the quality of life to all clients by providing exceptional quality care to individuals and their families. 

A little background about myself and career goes as follows; Nursing has been apart of my life for the past 27 years now. I started out as a CNA and pursued that for 14 years. After while, I decided to continue my education and went on to becoming a LPN for 5 years. I have now been in my current role as RN,BSN for the past 8 years and just recently decided to go on and pursue my certification in Nurse Practitioner. Nursing is something I do with dignity, respect and compassion for all whom I come in contact with.

 I look forward to providing personalized support services to each individual by meeting the needs and helping to maintain quality of life, assisting the elderly, disabled and all others needing assistance.

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